How does it work?

Why to share your experiences/tips on the exams

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  • In the world many people struggle to clear the competative exams due to lack of information or guidances
  • ExamCues is the platform for both who already cleared the exams and who is preparing for the competative exams
  • This platform encourage to share your thoughts or experiences/tips that helps the strugling folks who is trying the clear the competative exams
  • Motivate others people to share their experiences/tips  too so you can also get benefit when others share the experiences how they cleared the competative exams

Why are we doing this project?

We know there are many people who already cleared the tough competative exams and others are getting ready to clear it. Now sharing the knowledge will make others get the easiest way to clear the exam and some other folks share the knowledge you will also get benefited when you are taking other competative exams, our all efforts is why not try to bring these two together? to make the competative exams crack easier!